HANDWRITING ANALYSTS INTERNATIONAL                              
Center for Scientific Handwriting Analysis Training and Research
Our Growth Story

An unwavering commitment to help students

learn scientific method of Handwriting Analysis.
The Handwriting Analysts International was formed to provide a practical resource that would help people learn and benefit from scientific handwriting analysis. The vision was to create a course that anyone regardless of age or educational background could benefit from.

Today many multinational corporations started employing graphologists in personnel selection. There are many people without jobs and there are many jobs without people. Graphology is one such area where there are plenty of opportunities but lacks trained handwriting professionals.

To face the growing demand for handwriting analysts in today’s corporate society, the H.A.I launched its training Institute on Aug 15th 2005 and quickly became popular with those seeking to learn the secrets of success in handwriting analysis.

The clientele of H.A.I includes companies over a broad spectrum of business and industry. Real estate companies, financial organizations, private investigation agencies, medical facilities, hospitality, credit rating agencies and others use our skills to help them develop and manage the best staff they can hire.

At H.A.I, it has been our constant endeavor to bring a sharper focus to the requirements of our clients and we strived to leverage the latest research studies and resources to provide the most accurate analysis for our clients. We have provided uninterrupted service to the business and professional community full time since 2004.


We have a continuous commitment to maintain and improve the quality of our courses and tuition service.  It is this commitment to quality that makes our Guarantees possible. Consequently, we reserve the right at all times to amend, update, revise and improve the course contents or tuition service in order to maintain the quality of our courses and service, and meet the course objectives set out below.


1. To do all we can to help you become a qualified handwriting analyst, either full-time or part-time according to your own ambitions.

2. To help you enjoy your studies so that you can derive the maximum benefit, pleasure and fun from doing handwriting analysis.

3. To provide an overall training and tuition service which offers you excellent value for money.

4. To have a satisfied body of students who will continue to spread our good name and reputation.