HANDWRITING ANALYSTS INTERNATIONAL                              
Center for Scientific Handwriting Analysis Training and Research
Management Team

Handwriting Analysts International is committed to provide the best in real-world educational programs in scientific Handwriting Analysis to serious students, who wish to attain the latest knowledge and skills needed to practice on a professional level.

Our mission to provide contemporary programs in this science is being accomplished primarily through our quality distance learning programs authored as per the scientific methods co-relating psychology and graphology.

The courses maintain a reputation for up-to-date curricula, quality of course ware and online support.

Manikant DVSS, President of The Handwriting Analysts InternationalMr.Manikant the founder president of H.A.I, is a pioneer in the field of Handwriting analysis who has maintained his status quo as a globally renowned graphologist. He has been a practicing graphologist for over 14 years and has authored the Graduate course in Handwriting Analysis.
He has definitive experience in the field of both psychology and graphology with well established credentials. He initiated the formation of H.A.I on August 15, 2005 to democratize "professionally oriented" graphological education in India and globally as well.  His perception of the importance of handwriting in today's professional environment has made him to be the best in the field.   

He is also an avid practitioner of Vipassana meditation, Yoga and well versed with yogic sciences since childhood. He is associated with the Alpha foundation that provides high quality education and medical assistance to destitute children.

Manikant provides handwriting analysis services to several corporates including, HR recruitment, employee scrutiny etc. and has been conducting handwriting analysis courses since last 14 years and developed many students successfully. His highly original dispensation with providing emphasis on providing value based and quality curriculum has helped in enrolling students without much ado. He has been correcting their potent flaws, encouraging persons to be positive by removing all barriers to success with his comprehensive experience in imparting handwriting analysis.

Augustine David, Instructions Dept Head of Handwriting Analysts InternationalAugustine David is the instruction department incharge for H.A.I's graphology training division. Augustine brings with him over 20 years of varied international experience in Market Research Industry under the aegis of AC NIELSON and ORG-MARG and KPO industry. He is a Theology graduate from Bangalore and also a certificate of Proficiency in English language “O” levels from C.I.E.F.L. His main role at H.A.I. is to work as a guide to students about Handwriting Analysis. With his flair and extrovert persona he develops bonding relationships with the students. He has also counseled several depressed people especially, children through instilling a code of conduct for joyful living.

As the Admissions Dept Head of H.A.I, Sanjai Chakravarthy,Admissions Dept Head, Handwriting Analysts InternationalMr. Sanjai Chakravarthy holds the key responsibility of spearheading H.A.I's graphology services and courses globally including the strategic direction and focus for employee asessment services for HR professionals. Prior to joining H.A.I he has been associated with the education sector since last 5 years, in training both the students and working class professionals. He has done a PG Dip in HRM and B.Tech (E.C.E.). He takes keen interest in enrolling students by providing them optimum information about H.A.I. His coordination between the management and students is invaluable.  Besides, his perception of the importance of graphology in today's professional environment has enabled several students to take concrete decisions.

Student Services Officer, Handwriting Analysts International
Rachel Francis, Student Services Officer at H.A.I, is a dynamic personality who works with great passion on her assignments. She is a graduate in English who has trained several students especially, in tuning their accent to American English speaking patterns. She instils great confidence into every student who enrols at H.A.I. She handles student queries with utmost care due to her resourceful experience since she started her professional career very early before her graduation. Her positive and refreshing attitude is evident on everyone who interacts with her and guides students in their vocational pathway.  She takes great care in guiding the students at H.A.I. to complete the course successfully on time.

handwriting improvement expertY. Mallikarjuna Rao is an M.Sc(psy), M.B.A, a seasoned authority in three branches - Calligraphy, Graphology and Graphotherapy. With a motto to rejuvenate the deteriorating handwriting values in the student community in particular and in the society in general since 1996 he has conducted over 1500 workshops on handwriting improvment.  As of January 2014, he trained  2,60,000 people successfully from various reputed schools, colleges, universities and other organisations and clubs.  He has authored 16 books on how to improve handwriting His T.V. Show entitled "write Right" which is being telecast on a regional channel is receiving a tremendous response. 

logo designerChakradhar is an Indian logo designer with International reputation.  He is one of a rare breed of intellectual designers who specialised in the concept of logos from a graphological aspect.  In the area of print graphics since 1997 he has been producing identity programs for corporate and institutional marketing purposes — including logos, stationery, brochures, signage, and annual reports.  His highly inventive and individualistic work ranges from ads to large brochures, web banners and websites to logo design and corporate identity.  From the start of his career, Chakradhar  has been an active member of both the design and education communities. He has been an instructor and a Board Member at the Frameboxx School of Visual Arts.
Document examination, Handwriting Analysts InternationalManish Saxena is the Chief Document Examiner at H.A.I and holds responsibility for providing the services to courts, banks, police and several student communities. He is a practicing handwriting and finger printing expert since 1993 and has the added advantage of working as an advocate. Manish specializes in examining and analyzing questionable documents, fingerprints and documented photography. In addition to his advisory and management roles at H.A.I., he regularly provides his services to the handwriting section and fingerprinting bureaus in India, assisting in tracking down hardcore criminals.