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Corporate Community Involvement
At H.A.I, we are using our strengths - teaching and training - to help make a difference. It is a natural outgrowth of our core business and our vision to be involved with children and education issues around the world, preparing them for their future.

All our corporate community involvement activities are based on our organization's core values respect for the individual, continuous learning, achievement and customer satisfaction.

The goal of the philanthropy program at Handwriting Analysts International, H.A.I® is to provide quality education to children from the poorer sections of society and nurture them to become responsible and self-reliant citizens of the country.

Every child, regardless of birth and circumstances is truly equal. We think of children not as objects of sympathy, but as citizens with the same rights that we consider our due. We do this by getting involved; by volunteering our time; and by sharing our intellectual capital, tools, and financial resources. 

Through the years, we’ve raised funds, donated clothes, served food, taught classes, shared hugs, made friends, and more. No matter the activity, we hope our contributions help enable each organization to achieve its mission and to make an even greater impact on the communities they serve.

Major recipients of H.A.I's contributions over the past years include:

The Alpha Foundation and Sri Ramakrishna Mission.

Handwriting Analysts International - philanthropy program recepient        
The Alpha Foundation: The Alpha Foundation is a registered charitable trust established improve the lives of underprivileged children in urban slums and rural areas by providing them a high quality education and access to other needed support services, without discrimination on the basis of religion, caste, sex or politics

Handwriting Analysts International - philanthropy program recepientSri Ramakrishna Mission is a registered society in which monks of Ramakrishna Math and lay devotees cooperate in conducting various types of social service mainly in India. It was founded by Sri Ramakrishna's chief apostle, Swami Vivekananda (1863-1902), one of the foremost thinkers and religious leaders of the present age, who is regarded as 'one of the main moulders of the modern world', in the words of an eminent Western scholar A. L. Basham.

How to Apply

If you represent a charitable organization or cause which you believe H.A.I should support, please fill the below application form.  We will request more information if required.

Please inform us well in advance of your need for funding so as to provide H.A.I sufficient time to fully consider your application.

Charity Application Form

Complete this form and click “Submit”. Your request will automatically be sent to our Community and Charitable Patronage liaison.

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