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Center for Scientific Handwriting Analysis Training and Research
Code of Ethics for Graphologists of H.A.I

"This code of ethics

a common set of values

upon which graphologists of H.A.I

build their professional and scientific work."

handwriting analysis ethics

A 'handwriting analyst' is an individual who has completed the Graduate course in handwriting analysis. Analysts must adhere to this Code of Ethics due to the responsibility for assisting society in making informed decisions based upon their expert findings.

This Code of Ethics provides an outline of values that are intended to provide guidance that will apply toward all circumstances in which analysts encounter. This Code of Ethics serves to protect the analysts and their clients to assure that the work is performed to the highest standards while respecting the rights and privacy of all involved.

Our students acceptance of this Code of Ethics is indicative of their personal commitment to perform ethically and to support the ethical behavior of fellow analysts. In addition, acceptance of this code indicates the members' agreement not to be biased due to personal values, culture, and experiences.

Code of Ethics:

I agree that I will remain "justice-oriented" and never accept bribes, gifts, or other items in exchange for a subjective report. I will not be influenced by any prejudice in respect of sex, race, politics, social class or religion.

I will always respect the confidentiality of information gained through the performance of my service(s).  I shall undertake not to use the documents or the information in my possession for the purpose of causing harm to others, directly or indirectly.

If I see signs that are of concern either psychologically or physiologically I will include a disclaimer advising the individual that my findings are just an opinion and that I am not a doctor of any kind (unless I truly am), and to follow up with his or her physician or psychologist.
I will only perform activities and submit reports on that which I am qualified. I shall respect the laws of my country regarding the person and, in particular professional secrecy, which must be respected verbally as well as in the circulation of documents.

I will attempt to only examine the original or first generation copies of documents. When these samples are not accessible I will provide a disclaimer stating that, until an original is obtained, the current opinion is supported.

At all times and in all places my conduct and appearance as an analyst shall inspire confidence and reflect credit on myself and on Handwriting Analysis.

I understand that the Board members will investigate complaints made to the Board regarding possible violation of any of these codes. If the Boards findings are that of "flagrant misconduct" the suspension or revocation of certification and membership with HAI will be significantly considered and equally made available to the public. Flagrant cases include, but are not limited to, misrepresentation, fraudulent claims of training, breach of confidentiality, overstatement of credentials, etc.

By applying for the Graduate Course in Handwriting Analysis, I hereby fully understand and agree to perform as stated in the above Code of Ethics.