HANDWRITING ANALYSTS INTERNATIONAL                              
Center for Scientific Handwriting Analysis Training and Research
Our Vision and Mission

It's not just a viewpoint. 

It's the unique perspective

behind the establishment of H.A.I.
Our Mission: “Educating and Connecting”

The mission of Handwriting Analysts International is to provide a top quality, work oriented distance education in graphology that is accessible, affordable and appropriate for students throughout the country and the world. We focus on both “educating and connecting” by helping to build online learning collaboration within educational communities – student-to-teacher and student-to-student – in a new, online approach to graphology education.

Our Mission Commitments

    * To serve the educational needs of a diverse and global student body, striving to meet the needs of previously underserved students in the field of handwriting analysis.
    * To provide a top quality, well balanced and practical curriculum. A solid core of general education acts as the foundation of our academic programs.
    * To be attentive to the educational, cultural and economic needs of students by providing quality education, along with flexible and affordable payment plans.
    * To help form personalized learning plans to meet the unique needs of each student. Student-centered development programs help prepare the way for professional education in handwriting analysis
    * To enlist highly qualified and caring online instructors who teach our courses while connecting with students; helping each student to learn and develop to his or her potential.

Our Vision

    * Educating students to collaborate in an Internet learning community, work creatively, communicate effectively and prepare for success in our handwriting analysis programs
    * Functioning as a visible, responsible and responsive student-centered online learning institution, dedicated to academic excellence.
    * Fostering the cultural, ethnic, racial and gender diversities of students, faculty and staff by responding to the needs of a global student population. Bridging cross-cultural borders for individual students, families and communities.
    * Promoting and developing areas of distinctive strength from which reputations of excellence can be recognized.
    * Providing a supportive environment that encourages instructors and staff to continue their personal and professional growth.
    * Identifying and catering to the special needs and circumstances of each student.
    * Meeting the educational needs of our students by collaborating with colleges, government agencies, local school systems, home school and other organizations in need of quality online education.

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