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Hiring Sales People

Take the Guesswork out of Hiring

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What manager hasn't experienced this?...

You have just spent the last several weeks utilizing your normal personnel screening tools which include reviewing resumes, interviewing, background checks and reference checks, in an effort to fill a vacant position. During that time, you narrowed your list of candidates from 45 applicants to 10 prospective employees, and after another round of interviews and testing, you are now down to three finalists.

Three more interviews and you're done. The problem is, all three candidates are experienced, educated and appear to be able to do the job. They all have a polished exterior that they're showing to you, if only there was a way to see beyond that and know for sure:

Which one will do the best job?

Graphology, or handwriting analysis, offers a solution to the vexing and time-consuming problems of personnel selection. From an adequate writing sample  handwriting analysis can reliably reveal a candidate's mental processes, true self-image and ego strength, integrity, outlook, stress resilience, social attitude, communication skills, potential problems areas, etc.

Handwriting analysis is more advantageous

than other assessment tests because

  • results cannot be manipulated
  • it requires little staff time
  • is less costly than a battery of assessment tests
  • it does not discriminate (race, age or gender cannot be told from handwriting).

As most sales managers know, selling is unlike any other job. To be successful, the candidate needs a number of special traits in good measure.

There are literally hundreds of sales tests available on the internet. Some of those produce highly sophisticated, polished reports, indicating sales drive, energy, self-reliance, competitiveness and other sales success qualities in complex charts and descriptions.

The fallacy is that most of these tests are flawed because results depend upon input by candidates. Truth is that applicants either do not know themselves or become so conditioned that they can maneuver their answers and reveal only what they want prospective employers to know.

We have evaluated thousands of prospective sales people's handwritings. In most cases applicants say just the opposite of what their handwritings reveal.

The applicant says: "I am outgoing and love contacting prospects."  
Handwriting analysis shows that he is an introvert and just the thought of cold calls sends shivers down his spine.

The applicant says "I am persistent, especially in the face of objections."
Handwriting analysis reveals that he prefers to take the path of least resistance. The moment he hears the word NO he throws in the towel and heads for the door.

The applicant says, "I am a go-getter"
Handwriting analysis exposes that he is a procrastinator out of fear.

The applicant says "I am highly organized"
Handwriting analysis tells that he is probably a “hip shooter,” one who seldom spends time on research and preparation for a sales call.

Contrary to common belief, it is virtually impossible, no matter how hard one tries, to hide or disguise personality traits  by altering one's handwriting.   In the eyes of a skilled handwriting analyst,  the true personality is unfailingly revealed.

Unfortunately, widely held misconceptions still keep many managers from investigating it as a valid selection tool.

Sales analysis

The graphological sales analysis rates twenty characteristics and traits on a scale of 1 - 10. Successful candidates should score well in most of these areas. Otherwise, their chances of making it in sales are very slim.

The report rates

•communication skills
•determined to succeed
•empathy, ability to perceive clients' need
•energy level, stamina
•flexibility with different people and situations
•organizational skills
•persistent in the face of obstacles
•presentation skills
•sales drive
•thinking and learning ability
•will power, self-directive ability
•willingness to prospect, go out in the field

The report provides both a graphic representation and a full explanation of each characteristic.

The evaluation does not stop there. It also determines the presence of fear traits which would automatically eliminate the applicant from the list of desirable candidates.

It identifies those candidates who

•have difficulty planning and controlling time
•allow call reluctance to kill their career
•are more concerned with popularity than sales results
•may have a problem with their own likes and dislikes, they tend to sell only what they like and mostly to the people they like
•make promises they can't keep
•are so self-centered, they have trouble identifying customer needs
•give away products to make customers happy
•don't have enough stamina to handle the physical requirements and the stress that accompanies a position in sales
•let rejection reflect on them personally
•are uncomfortable with face-to-face situations
•have a supercilious attitude and condescendingly pooh-poohs customers' comments as insignificant
•procrastinate out of fear

Handwriting analysis requires no cumbersome testing facilities and only a few minutes of a candidate's time.

With competition increasing for the markets of the world, one area where a company can still excel over others is in the quality of its personnel. Companies who availed themselves of our services have quickly found that our handwriting analyses saved the cost of bad hires, reduced the cost of sales training and dramatically reduced turnover.

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